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Sadly unplayable, crashes within 30 seconds to 1 minute of gameplay I've since seen some threads with other people having the same issue but no one had any solutions :(


climate change (:

I could say 'WOW', I could say 'AMAZING', I could say 'BEAUTIFUL', I could say all three, but in truth they wouldn't even scratch the surface with this.

I was totally involved and immersed from the second this started. The beautiful graphics and lighting. The fantastic sounds and music. Every single one of you produced something you all should be extremely proud of. 

It's slow on my computer...


good short game

what an incredible INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE this game is. The way I felt playing this game….wow just wow!!

Kinoko | A Beautiful Relaxing Experience | Chillin W Redbeard


Hey there can u plz tell the system requirment

Thanks so much for working so hard in this game, the result is amazing. Loved every single detail you put in this game, the music is peaceful, fangirled a lot with the animals and the sounds. It left me feeling relaxed and ultra happy, I almost couldn´t believe it was an indie game, since it had so much going on (perfect) and it amazed me how beautifully made this game is. Really glad to have played this and I´m keeping you guys on my radar, for sure!


A very short but beautifully styled relaxing puzzle game where you play a spirit that brings forth a warm and welcoming spring.

The first thing that hits you is the beautifully styled world  with the warm glowing light and hazy atmosphere it really draws you into the landscape. The second thing is the super relaxing music that goes with the game it gives off tones of calmness and also a feeling of casual exploration, a piece very well suited for this game.

The puzzles themselves are simple enough to do but can be hard to spot in the landscape (because everything is covered in snow ) but the map shows you where they are marked with a "?" if they are not yet discovered. When you solve the puzzles the world literally "springs" into life and is fascinating to watch and a really nice mechanic added to the game along with the way the stone paths open up too.

Overall a really nice, beautiful and wonderful relaxing experience, such a shame the game is short but despite that , there is an awful lot of work put into it, really nicely done.


i would love to play this game and it looks gorgeous but im having trouble getting the game to run properly

Too slow on bog standard PC. Needs a gaming PC to run


Hey there, i played your game and absolutely loved it! the artstyle got me hooked in, it is soo pleasing to look at, keep up the amazing work! <3